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Demon Solitaire

Demon Solitaire is also known as Canfield Solitaire in the US. If this is your first time playing click start to learn its rules.

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About Demon Solitaire

The goal of Demon Solitaire is to move all cards to the top right corner of the screen; these 4 piles are known as the foundations. Foundation piles contain cards of the same suit and in ascending order (this is going to change each game, keep reading for more information).

The tableau piles are located below the foundation are cards of alternating colors and in descending order (this will change each game, you'll see why below).

At the beginning of the game, 13 cards are dealt to the left of the tableau cards; this is called The Demon pile. Only the top card is face up. To begin your first foundation, you must grab the next card, flipping it face up and placing it on the 1st of 4 foundations. As each foundation base card is found during the game, it can be placed on the next foundation allowing you to begin working on moving cards to that pile.

The rest of the deck is then placed at the top left side of the screen, forming the stock pile. As with many other Solitaire games, your waste pile is located to the right of that.

Named after the inventor Richard A. Canfield; Demon Solitaire is known as Canfield Solitaire in America. Canfield was a very determined and business oriented man who used to sell decks of cards to people for $50 in an attempt to get people to play he would pay out $5 for every card in the foundation piles and $500 if the game was won. Since then, the game has been changed a bit, allowing players to win more often.

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