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Golf Solitaire

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About Golf Solitaire

Golf Solitaire starts with the player being dealt 8 horizontal rows of cards. Each vertical row contains 5 cards, all facing upwards. Below these cards, you have your draw pile and your waste pile. You waste pile has one card facing up at any given time.

During the game, the goal is to move all cards to the waste pile so you are left with no more rows of cards. You can add a card to the waste pile only if the card is one point higher than the card on facing upward, or one card below.
A card can only be moved, when it is the topmost card of any given vertical row. Anytime you run out of moves, you must draw another card from the draw pile in an attempt to use that card during play. Be careful, because you can only draw 11 cards and once you are out of moves, the game is over.

Golf Solitaire is a very strategic game that takes some time to master. Not only do you have to try to find cards that are either one point above or below, but you have to plan ahead in order to get as many cards as possible off the board at any given time; in order to avoid running out of moves.

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