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Klondike Solitaire

Get all the cards to the upper right 4 decks. Each deck must be of a specific suite and put from A-K.

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Klondike Solitaire

The name Klondike Solitaire simply refers to the original version of the game and the rules that were set in place hundreds of years ago; it is these rules that have spawned countless different implementations of the much loved game. Like many other takes on solitaire, Klondike is also known under numerous different guises: Patience, Fascination and Canfield being some of the most popular. Regardless of what it is known as, the rules and the aim of the game remain traditional: to get all the cards in order of number and suit as quickly as possible.

The most popular version of Klondike is found on windows and has been a mainstay on the platform since 1990. Not a lot has changed from then until now, other than graphics and the ability to change the design of the cards. Anyway, if for some reason you have never had the pleasure of playing computer Klondike, first of all you don't know what you're missing and secondly, here are the rules.

Rules of Klondike

The game is played with a single deck of 52 cards (jokers removed), 28 of these cards are dealt face down to form a tableau consisting of seven columns. Each column has more cards than the one before it, starting with one card and ascending to seven cards, each column also has one card (the first one) that lays face up. Any remaining cards are used to form a stock-pile which can be accessed when required.

The aim of the game is to create ascending foundations in order of suit. Each foundation must begin with an ace, which can be found by moving cards between columns; however, any cards that are moved must be placed on another card that is numbered one higher and of color opposite to the card you are moving. Should the time come when you are out of moves, you may access the stock pile in the hope of finding cards to add to columns. Scoring games

While original Klondike is an ideal game for the beginner, those with vast experience will want to experience different challenges; these can be found with versions of the game such as Solitaire City which add a timed scoring system to the mix to give an extra dimension. Timed scoring encourages players to complete a game as quickly as possible in order to obtain a high score; friends and family can then try and beat that high score by going even quicker. Other versions.

There are other popular variations of Klondike that have become just as popular as the original, these include:

The popular computer game Jewel Quest Solitaire, which now has three versions, has also gained millions of followers with versions available over the internet and on modern gaming consoles.

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