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Peg Solitaire

Make as many moves as possible. a Peg can only move by jumping over an adjacent peg.

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Playing Peg Solitaire

In Peg Solitaire, you want to make as many moves as possible and as quickly as you can. A peg can move by jumping over an adjacent peg. You cannot jump diagonally. Each peg is located in a hole on the board, pegs can only jump over other pegs that have a hole located on the other side. A piece must have somewhere to land when jumping. Pegs that have been jumped over will disappear from the board, leaving an empty hole behind. To get the highest score possible, you must end the game with only one peg left.

What's so fun about this game is its simplicity, within a few minutes you are going to have the game completely down. Moves are going to come very easily to you in the beginning. However, as you get more and more pegs off the board, it becomes tougher to know what to do next.

For those of you who can easily get down to one peg, the game is still challenging because you can try to beat your previous times and other high-scores. This is a fun game to play with friends, taking turns playing and seeing who can beat the game fastest and with the most pegs off the board.

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